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Dancing in the rain and sunshine

sunny 27 °C

It´s been another week in the city that never sleeps. I have moved to my new appartment and I´m glad I finally have a home and too lovely flatmates (Nuria a girl from Barcelona and Patxi a guy from the Basque country). I find it great that I´m living with Spaniards, not only does it guarantee that I will improve my language skills, but I´ll also have the chance to travel around the country with them ;) Next weekend e.g. we are going to spend the weekend at Patxi´s parents place near San Sebastian. Can´t wait to go it´s meant to be fantastic. And tomorrow my best friend from Germany is coming to visit for a week, I´m totally looking forward to her stay (hopefully she can also help me to fix my stupid laptop...).

The past week I have also started to look for a job, a friend of mine helped me to translate my C.V., but I have to get a social insurance number here which seems to be a bit complicated ( I always thought there was a lot of burocracy in Germany, but this proves me wrong). First I had to get registered here, then apply for the insurance number and when I eventually get it I have to go to the police station and get registered a second time...and all this for working part-time as a waitress...Bye the way I almost ended up helping kids with their homework in Maths and Physics. I know for those of you who know me this sounds like a joke and it really is, but the pay would have been great and as it was in German I thought I´d give it a try. Still can´t understand why the parents in the end prefered a guy with a degree in Maths...

The last weekend also has been great. On Friday night I first was at my friend´s place for a dinner party they had arranged for a friend, and I probably never have had dinner later then here. When I got to Blanca´s place around 9 I though I was really late, but finally we started eating around 11 and had dessert around 1 in the morning.
Dancing the night away was a must after that.

Saturday, Blanca took me to another friend´s farewell which was amazing because her stepdad is the grandchild of some famous Spanish doctor called Grigorio Marañon and the party was at his former finca in the outskirts of Toledo. The place was stunning with views over the city. It used to be a monastry hundred of years ago and today they still maintain a chapel and the doctor´s library (there I got to read a letter to the doc by Marie Curie!!!). Too bad I can´t upload any pictures at the moment...
Anyway, we first had a barbecue by the swimming pool and then continued the "fiesta" in the house. The hospitality of the people here is definitely amazing.

Unfortunately I also have to mention that I have repeadtedly heard of people who have been robbed here (including my flatmate whose purse was stolen at the train station this saturday), so it seems like people have to take more care of their stuff then in other cities. My flatmate actually couldn´t believe that I´ve never been robbed in my whole life (touch wood).

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon relaxing in the "Retiro", the main park in the city. I was great to read the sunday paper in the sun and in the early evenings they have drum sessions with lots of players. When we just about sat down to listen to them, it started raining cats and dogs, but, yes but while the sun was still shining. It was totally surreal, or has anybody else ever experienced sun and rain at the same time??? I wasn´t aware this was possible!!!

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Wow!!! It seems you're getting the feel of Madrid!!! Hope you have a great time in the Basque Country!!! What can I say??? jejejeje
Pero antes te veo en tu cumpleaños!!!! Besos!!!

by yolandac8

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